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This information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I will stand by my testimonial. I Dan Oracz added Blueskin and 2inch rigid styrofoam to the exterior walls of my block basement in the Fall of 2010. I noticed an immediate difference in the air quality down in the basement, it was cleaner air and it was never that bad to begin with. Also during this past winter the temperature down in the basement was 6C warmer than before I did the work. For example the thermostat upstairs was always set at 69C and downstairs was around 60C but now its around 66C.  I strongly believe that anyone thinking about waterproofing their basement should install the 2inch rigid styrofoam from the bottom of the footing to the top of the header or above ground. This renovation was part of the ECO Energy program introduced by the Federal Government.
Just before Halloween 2010, I was looking for someone to install weeping tile and blueskin around my block basement and put in a sump pit as well.  I wanted to complete the work before the winter, so that I could finish my basement during those months and not have to wait until the spring/summer.  I had a commitment from another local firm to complete the job, but they cancelled on me at the last minute.  I had already done some prep-work, and was left hanging.  


With the window of good weather rapidly closing, I was very fortunate to find DSI Contracting, and they agreed to take on the job.  Dan walked me through exactly what he recommended, how long it would take and gave me a detailed estimate of the cost.  

I was very pleased with the results.  Even though he encountered a few unforeseen issues during the job, and the weather wasn't ideal, he completed the job on time and well within in the estimated cost.  He even took digital pictures and emailed them to me, so that I could see exactly what was done.

Based on my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend DSI Contracting for anyone considering a similar project.  





I hired DSI Contracting in May of 2010 and was very please with his workmanship and honesty. I was very leary about hiring a basement waterproofing contractor since my neighbout had his done and the basement still leaked and they couldnt seek compensation. My neighbour closely monitered his work discretely with out DSI knowing about it since I work all day, and was very pleased with the extreme detail to attention when the Blue Skin was installed.    I almost did not go ahead with the work but DSI Contracting convinced me otherwise because of the dampness and the deadly mold that could occur from moisture being trapped behind the basement walls. I had to get financial assistance for this project, since it is an added expense for anyone concerned. It was well woth the money my basement is nice and dry again and liveable. I would highly recommend DSI Contracting to anyone.

I manage a small Non-Profit Housing Corporation, this spring I encountered a leaky basement in one of my rental units. I contacted three contractors for prices, two I had used before and DSI Contracting who I found in the Yellow Pages. Dan Oracz attended the site meeting (in the rain) and after asking all the right questions and giving knowledgeable feed back to my questions, Dan sat in his truck for a few minutes and produced a quote. Two prices were very close and one a little higher. Contractor availability ended up being the deciding factor and DSI had the Job. The job scheduling was worked out easily with concessions made by DSI, The work at the site was professional, well organized  and fast. I was informed of progress at each stage of the job and had a chance to inspect and comment, this type of interaction was important as some decisions had to be made on the fly. The quality of materials and installation was first rate and the finished product and site clean up was excellent. We had some rain upon completion of the job and some settling occurred. Dan happened to drive by, noticed the problem and took a machine back to the site for repairs. This is the kind of service I wish I had from all my contractors.

Good bidding service, good price, good scheduling, good product, good workmanship, good after service this was a good experience. DSI Contracting gets a call next time I need work done.
Housing Coordinator


On May 28 2012 I experienced a flooded basement at my 3plex apartment building located at 284 N. High St in Thunder Bay. Thanks to DSI Contracting they came to the rescue and saved my recent $40,000 basement apartment renovation. I originally called Dan Oracz from DSI Contracting from the yellow pages in the Fall of 2011 to give me an estimate to install a complete weeping tile drainage system and waterproof my concrete walls. I called 3 other contractors and found that Dan was more noligeble and more caring about his clients. His price was still competitive with everyone else. I didn’t have the money at the time to do this and wasn’t super urgent so I neglected it. Was I ever sorry now, when the floods came on May 27th I had to keep a shop vac running 24 hours a day to minimize the destruction of my newly renovated apartment. I called the 4 contractors back and DSI Contracting was the only one that would still auwner there price from the fall so I hired him over the phone and he quickly came and started excavating around the basement to relieve the water pressure. He brought many unique tools and equipment specialized to this trade including electric water pumps, pressure washers etc. Dan and his team of workers worked long 12 hour days and completed the job in a week. He also installed a new sump pump system along with a drainage system (weeping tile), blue skin around the house. I could not believe the end result clean water being pumped out of my basement sump basin and away from my house down grade of course. The exterior ground at footing level was very muddy but DSI Contracting installed a filter system around my home that would not clog my new perforated pipe (weeping tile). No one else explained this to me or does not know how to install it properly but now my water is crystal clear. My basement is dry and no more leaks even with all this rain. I would highly recommend DSI Contracting and would not look else where  again. Please call my anytime if you wish to talk to me.